In issue eight, we’re looking to focus on health, humanity and happiness, which are fairly broad and open for interpretation. We encourage you to be as broad as possible in your thinking, especially with humanity as one of our key focuses; it can be encompass so much like the hope and humour and hardships of our lives and society. What does it mean to be a human, and how is humanity changing?

Health includes physical, mental, spiritual and environmental; we want to know your journey, how mental health is becoming more prominent in conversations, the health of the environment, the healthy attitudes we can promote, the unhealthiness and the struggles.

Happiness is one emotion of many that, but we can often pressure for it to be our default. What makes you happy? What makes you unhappy? What colours do you associate with happiness? What does the emotion feel like? Is it more of a state? Or is it a moment? What are some feel good tunes? Films? Jokes? What does happiness look like to you? To others? To your cat?

Head to our submissions page to check out full details if you haven’t already. Email us at with your photography, poetry, writing, essays, illustrations, short stories, comics, artwork or any and all creative expressions + a short bio about you.

Please send all submission pitches for Issue 008 before the 15th of August. If something comes up after this date, please send it through as we may have time to squeeze it in, but this is not a guaranteed.

If you have an idea for something you would like to submit that doesn’t fit this theme, it may suit or help shape a future issue, so we encourage you to send that through too! Issue 009 is scheduled for November, Issue 010 for January and Issue 011 for March.