Do you have something that you would love to express in Kaleo?
Well then let us know! We would absolutely love to include you in our publication so here is everything you need to know to help you submit your work to us.

Do you know a friend or a person who would really suit our style?
Either let them know of Kaleo so they can go forth themselves OR send us their profile of work (Tumblr, website, Soundcloud, Instagram, etc) and their email address (no phone numbers please) so we can contact them ourselves if we think we’d make a merry match.

How do I know what to write and when to send it?
We strictly do NOT accept anything offensive, obscene, discriminatory or negatively impacting in any way, shape or form and kindly ask that you do NOT send this kind of material through. We have a no-tolerance policy to harmful material and refuse to spread hate. Please refrain from explicit language, nudity or gratuitous sexual content; we are a magazine aimed at young people making this inappropriate. While we appreciate raw, honest views from unique individuals and personal experiences, we still aim to create a safe space for everyone.

We promote inclusivity and want to hear from a range of perspectives but please be conscious when your writing. Keep this in mind: Am I the right person to cover this? We encourage writing from your own personal experience rather than from outside a group or community. However, if your thinking of conducting an interview, profile or know somebody with an interesting story, pitch it to us so we can work out how to approach it. Please do not cover a story on our behalf unless we have given you permission (usually in an official document).

Note: If it’s non-fiction, details like dates and quotes will need to be fact checked and sourced.

Check out our themes list for more specifics about what we’re looking for each month. We will try to give as much notice as we can. When we know, we will let you know. If you have an idea though, please let us know because we might have something coming up in the future that would suit or an idea to twist it for a different issue. Together we can work it out but the most important thing is contacting us.

So what exactly am I sending? Does it have to be a full finished piece or just an idea?
Well, it can be either depending on you. If you have an idea and want to see it to fruition by writing it/photographing it/singing it out or submitting an existing piece, then you can send us the full piece. BUT, regardless of if it is done or not, here is how to set it out:

Introduce yourself: Give us a brief intro to who you are. Include links to your previous works like social media accounts or email friendly .pdfs (not too large or it will clog up our system). If there is anything you think we should know about you that would be a point of interest for the future, let us know.

Pitch your piece: A pitch is basically a summary of what you have written or intend to write. Introduce the work clearly, briefly overview the key points and give us a summative conclusion of what it is essentially about. If we like the idea we will contact you for more detail.

Note: Written work has to be unpublished, meaning it hasn’t appeared in other publications. If we are doing a profile/spotlight/interview, we can include works like your art or poetry (with your permission). As it is a magazine, videos can only be linked or included with screenshots BUT we do have social media accounts to share it on. We use Vimeo so if you would like us to publish a video (like a how to, DIY or film) on our account, it has to be unpublished and we can’t use unlicensed content (music, images, etc). Same goes for music, which we normally do reviews on rather than publish.

How long should written works be?
Aim for between 300 and 2500 words. Each page layout is specially tailored to the articles length and content.

What are the dimensions for artwork?
If you are looking to create artwork specifically for Kaleo, first of all thank you! Second, please not we can not commission that work. Thirdly, even if the imagery provided isn’t to these dimensions, we can work around creating a page layout for it.
A single full page is 206.4mm width and 260.4mm height.
A full double page spread is 412.8mm width, 260.4mm height
With our margins the guidelines for a single page is 173.2mm width and 206.5 height.
All artworks must have at least 300dpi and all be in CMYK colour mode.

Whoo, I’m in, now what?
First of all, congratulations on being accepted but the road ahead to actually being in print can take a little time.
We must let you know that if your submission is accepted, it will go through an editing process which involves making the piece as strong as it can be to have the ultimate impact as well as to format with the design of our magazine. We will work with you closely on this to keep the authenticity of your style which usually takes a few rounds of editing. This usually involves going through at least two editors and may include a fact-checking process. Keep in mind, it can be kind of confronting for some to have your work scrutinized so please be conscious of this before submitting.

Depending on the submission type (whether it’s writing, artwork or media), we may ask for more material that we feel would work best or omit other information.
We have deadlines to make it all happen, working at least two months before an issue is released so we appreciate reliability and promptness when discussing the work. If for some reason you go off the radar and we can’t contact you, we will have no choice not to publish it.

If for some reason you don’t hear from us, please please please follow it up! Technology is good, but sometimes emails and messages in cyberspace can disappear or take an uncharted route.

Hey, why wasn’t my submission passed?
We will strive to let you know if you’re work wasn’t a match and why. It may be that we have covered something it before, have a similar piece in the workings or don’t feel like it would suit our publication. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing works for the magazine. This isn’t a reflection of you or your skills and we thank you for your efforts. We encourage you to send us something else that may work! We hope to give you some feedback on it but we are a small team. In the event that we slip up and you haven’t heard from us in two weeks, send us an email to follow up.

If I’m featured in the magazine, do I receive a free print copy of the magazine?
As much as we would love to send out a free print copy of Kaleo Journal to all the featured contributors, we are unable to at the moment. Our goal isn’t to profit from the magazine, with any margins of money we make being used to fund the project (like website set up costs) but aspire to be able to make this happen in the future. We do promote our contributors heavily on our social media to make sure they receive as much exposure as possible.

If I’m featured in the magazine, will I be paid?
Again, we are unable to do so at the moment. We are only a start up and can’t afford to cover the cost of your submission. As our editions are published on Issuu, a free publishing site, we don’t make any money from distributing it. All money made (from Kaleo Diary or others) goes back into funding the project. We do encourage our readers and featured people to spread the word of Kaleo because in turn it will promote the emerging artists in it and in any situation we have, we will advertise creative opportunities for you to be involved in. We have a community based outlook where we can all help each other to the best of our abilities by checking out the people

How can I be involved?
Want to be part of the Kaleo Family? We are looking for creative, dedicated young people who have enough time to be able to give their all to the mag. Our core team is only small and is actually featured in the magazine in some sense, like writing or designing, so we are looking for a multidisciplinary person capable of multitasking and great at communicating. We live all around the world so sometimes the time differences can cause a bit of frazzle, meaning you have to be easy to adapt to sudden changes. We are all volunteers and do this for passion, not profit.

If you just don’t have the [insert any valid reason like time or energy] to be a full time member but think your snazzy ideas would be great, please hit us up and we can work from there! We are very open to suggestions and love to hear your thoughts. We want to support people as much as we can, especially youth and emerging talents, so we will try our dearest to make wonders happen.

You should also check out our sister projects, +you and Vent, as well as our poetry partner, Writing Freely

Any top tips?
Have a good understanding of us and our style by reading through our previous editions of Kaleo Journal on Issuu. We may have covered a similar story and aim for fresh, unique stories so be conscious of this.

We would rather receive too much than not enough and unfortunately, cannot respond to pitches that don’t follow these guidelines.

We really appreciate portfolios or any example of work so don’t be afraid to show us examples even if they aren’t spick and span. Remember, we have no idea who you are so we can only go on what you present to us. Something is always better than nothing.

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?
So let’s do this! Send your submissions to We’re sending good vibes your way! You can do this!

Anything else?
Read our F.A.Q’s for any questions you may have that weren’t covered here or send us a line at