How can I be involved?
Want to be part of the Kaleo Family? We are looking for creative, dedicated young people who have enough time to be able to give their all to the mag. Our core team is only small and is actually featured in the magazine in some sense, like writing or designing, so we are looking for a multidisciplinary person capable of multitasking and great at communicating. We live all around the world so sometimes the time differences can cause a bit of frazzle, meaning you have to be easy to adapt to sudden changes. We are all volunteers and do this for passion, not profit.

If you just don’t have the [any valid reason like time or energy] to be a full time member but think your snazzy ideas would be great, please hit us up and we can work from there! We are very open to suggestions and love to hear your thoughts. We want to support people as much as we can, especially youth and emerging talents, so we will try our dearest to make wonders happen.

You should also check out our sister projects:
· Vent is a platform for anonymous venting to promote well-being and a clear mental state. All this involves is sending any problems playing on your mind to our blog, so head to to find out more and be involved.

· +you is a body positivity initiative we started to help promote physical wellbeing through showcasing beauty in all forms. We are looking to expand on what we started in the issue, including more features with people of all diversities to reflect the beauty that can be found everywhere. From nature comparisons to skin care – we’re building a body of work.

How can be featured in Kaleo?
If you think that you or someone you know would suit our magazine style (read our About and previous editions), check out our Submissions Guidelines for all the deets. If you still have any questions, hit up and we’ll do our dearest to clarify any queries.

If I’m featured in the magazine, do I receive a free print copy of the magazine?
As much as we would love to send out a free print copy of Kaleo Journal to all the featured contributors, we are unable to at the moment. Our goal isn’t to profit from the magazine, with any margins of money we make being used to fund the project (like website set up costs) but aspire to be able to make this happen in the future.

Have a question? Ask away or email or send us a message on our social media.